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resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," november 16th, 2012. >> good friday evening, i'm bill weir. well, only in america is it controversial for me to begin tonight's program by declaring that global warming is really happening. for doubters, 332-straight months of above average temperatures is not proof enough. and even among believers, there's a fight over who to blame, god or man, natural cycles of fossil fuels. the very words climate change were noticeably absent from this past election, but sandy brought them back in a big way and eager to fuel the conversation, two artists convinced they can help skeptics see climate change in ways scientists cannot. if you drive outside of juneau, alaska, past nugget falls and through the blueberry colored icebe icebergs, you will find mendenhall glacier. of what's left of it. >> the ice came out to right about here in 2007. >> reporter: wow. five years ago, we'd be bumping into the glacier right here. >> yeah. >> reporter: and if you time your visit just right, you might run into
in 1853 in response to a freight elevator accident in new york city. until that time, elevators were quite common in buildings but typically used just for handling freight. elisha otis -- elijah otis successfully demonstrated the safety device he had created. even of the elevator and he cut the device, and he did not fall. everyone was impressed by that. in 1857, the oldest brother's company installed their first passenger elevator on broadway in new york. believe it or not, many of those first elevators were actually started and stopped by a hand broke. >> what drove those old elevators? what was their motive power? >> in some cases, they might have even been hp. >> and then changed to electric? >> electric cited to come in the 1890's, and that was around the time when the elevator stopped from material handling and started to be used more frequently for passengers. in 1878, there was a demonstration of the other thing that allowed architects to build taller buildings was the advent of a higher quality steel manufacturing. in 19003, the first production year track models were introduced,
. robert, we were just talk towing. you took a tour of red hook an area here in new york city that was devastated. >> devastated. the sad thing is red hook has come such a long way. many entrepreneurs have set up shop there, i visit ad winery, wonderful man who makes key lime pies, glass cutter, designers, completely wiped out. 300 jobs at fairway, big supermarket there wiped out. and many of them are fighting back and looking to get back on their feet. >> i want to take this in two parts. what can you do if you're hit by a disaster and second what can you do to prepare for this. gerald talk to me very quickly. if you're a small business owner that was affected by this, where can you go? >> well the first thing that i would say is call our help desk. the u.s. chamber of commerce has set up national disaster help desk for small businesses to call if they don't know where to turn. that number is 1-888-my-biz-help which is 888-692-4943. we're asking small businesses to call our help desk. we have experienced counselors that are standing by to help businesses figure out the best w
for "the new york times" is in gaza city and joins us by phone. what are you seeing and what are you hearing? >> reporter: what we are seeing here is that the town is pretty much deserted, not a lot of people out and about although earlier we were next to a sushi restaurant where there were a fair amount of customers. we spoke to the mayor who talked about the difficulties of trying to manage a town of more than 100,000 people living under these conditions and we spoke to one resident here who interestingly enough said he was happy that rockets were fired from gaza into near jerusalem and tel aviv. he said finally. other israelis outside of this area around gaza are getting a feel, getting a taste of what it's like to live under the threat of rockets. so certainly here in ashkelon, you have real frustration that they simply cannot live a normal life with the constant threat of rockets coming in from gaza. >> israel says they are doing targeted strikes into gaza city. the hamas rockets are obviously not so precisioned. back in 2006 you visited one of those rocket-making factories in g
history or so. >> floyd bennett field opened in 1931. it was new york city's first municipal airport. during world war ii, it served as a military airport. today it's part of our national park service. floyd bennett has a rich heritage. many of the world's most legendary aviators used this airfield, including amelia earhart. this is a replica of a plane that took off from here in 1933 and made history. >> eight days later, landed here in floyd bennett field. the first man to fly solo around the world, a one-eyed pilot called wiley post. >> whether it's faithfully re-creating a replica or restoring an actual aircraft that's logged hundreds of hours in the air, all the work here is being done by volunteers. marty gave us a tour of some of the aircraft harp is restoring. >> this is a 1940s, '50s, and early '60s anti-submarine warfare airplane. two propeller-driven engines and there are two jet engines. the jet engines would be used to help it get off the ground, but then they could fly slowly for extended periods of time. >> because of the propellers? >> because of the propellers. and t
. the new york city police department is shining a light on the aftermath of sandy. officers are helping to prevent super storm victims from becoming crime victims. they're using helicopters in powerful spot lights to stop looters from robbing storm damaged homes in the dead of night. rick folbaum is live in the new york city area of queens. you went along on one of these late night patrols. do police say this looting is on the rise at this point in. >> well, they believe their aggressive tactics are keeping the looters in check. that includes installing 500 of these light towers in some of these hardest hit areas. neighborhoods like this one in breezy point that lost power. the homes were mostly intact, but there is no one living in them. so they're ripe for theft. that's why they've deployed their aviation unit overhead. these helicopters are flying over these hardest hit areas that are without power, but using high powered spot lights. they're also surveilling with other equipment. illuminating them and trying to remind people on the ground that the nypd is watching. >> through the ai
of the weather from dylan. >> it is a chilly morning in new york city. a little bit breezy, too. but the whole eastern half of the country actually will be enjoying some pretty nice weather today, at least sunny. it is going to be chilly across the northeast, but above average in the middle of the country. we're looking at highs today topping out in the 60s and even lower 70s down into texas. but in the northeast, we'll be in the 40s. the west coast, 40s and 50s. we've got a big storm system moving into the western part of the country. we've got heavy rain, days of rain, perhaps through tuesday where we could end up with several inches of rain and several feet of snow in the >>> here's a look at the temperatures. 50s and 60 outside. it's muggy and windy around parts of the south bay. 22 in san jose and we have rain coming through comprehending into parts of the north bay and into palo alto down into places just to the west of mountain view. you can see around saratoga too. mild temperatures in the low to mid 60s. rain will fill in towards this evening and pick up and taper off as we go through
of color in new york city, and what's really plaguing them is abusive debt collection practices. so they're wildly indebted, over half of households making less than $50,000 now use credit for basic expenses. so, to cover, you know, food, medicine, utility bills, so forth because we don't have -- we had stagnant wages, we don't have a living wage. people are absolutely struggling. you have one unforeseen, you know, visit to the emergency room and you're now wiped out financially. you have the fact that people don't have access to affordable health care, insurance, so we work with people who actually are being pulled into the world of harassing relentless debt buyers and collectors. anyone who has gotten those phone calls knows it's a plague and is focused on low-income people in our experience. >> debt collection, the debt buying industry has exploded. the idea is there's someone who can't pay back their debts, you tried to extract from them, you think i'll get out of this while i can. i'll sell it to someone on five cents on the dollar that person has an incentive to hound the person, s
screen in times square, new york city. [distant club music playing] [keys jingle] man: looking for these? you drive buzzed, it could be one very expensive ride. first, you got to make bail. then pay me to get your car back. your insurance premiums will go through the roof. and my legal fees just keep adding up. all told, it could end up costing you $10,000. announcer: nothing kills a buzz like getting pulled over for buzzed driving because buzzed driving is drunk driving. get some frids, loser!
're in fashion. the action begins now. >>> welcome from the nasdaq market site in the heart of new york city's times square, i'm melissa lee. these are the trades and stocks closing on the highs of the today. only stock america is watching right now, apple. it reversed and closed flat for the session, setting up for an apple rally. analysts, what did you make of the action? >> i was trading a lot of apple today, you can follow us on twitter and on the site. we were buying call spreads yesterday, buying more today. we were looking for capitulation that says, i just want out, painful, painful press action. >> it's a big swoop down. >> this was the largest volume since march, the middle of march on apple. we saw it on a rapid, down $10, up $10, over the course of 30 minutes, a short-term bottom. this doesn't mean happy days are here again and apple is going back to 700. no way do i think apple hits 700 again. but it's a short-term bottom. >> the relative strength in apple hit the weakest point. we saw a quick 15% rally. apple such a big component of the market, everybody sitting here assuming t
,000, people in new york city and, they're going to lose their home mortgage deduction. that wouldn't cover the first five or six years of a mortgage of a home in large parts of new york and massachusetts. >> eliot: the not for profits will go crazy the deduction for state and local taxes it seems impossible that you would get the votes to repeal those. >> that's why i'm satisfied that we do the $1.6 trillion and let's try to do it out of the deductions because in the end they're going to see the rates--it's a cleaner way to do it and politically it's less damaging. the other point we keep saying we're talking about what, $40 per thousand. people who are already making $250,000 a year, and apparently the argument is, well, after they make 250 in taxable income and they have another chance to make another 1,000, they won't do it because they'll only profit $960. that's farfetched. >> eliot: every piece of study has proven that arguments holds no water. thank you. tensions are escalateing. we have the current state of the middle east coming right up on "viewpoint." comedian, political satiris
flying to new york city, washington, d.c., i'm sure the u.s. would have acted long before we waited, maybe too long. but now we are determined and we are calling for the talks to get ready and we're telling to the hamas leadership and to the people in egypt today. we cannot wait any more. >> let me ask you about the troops because, as you mentioned, the possibility of this ground campaign and israel has approved the call up of 75,000 reservists. do you see israeli troops going into gaza? under what circumstances? what would make that happen? >> prime minister netanyahu said it very clearly. the goal is to bring peace and quiet to the region. if the air strikes are not efishant and the hamas would not understand that we're talking business. we would not allow missiles to fly and we do not want to do it, but we cannot wait until we see more coming. only two days ago, three people and we see the picture and the hamas hurting the israeli children, but are using the palestinian children because they're hiding behind them, as well. >> let me ask you about the president because you have be
. >> great to see you as well. we're hearing the city of new york condemned some 200 homes because of safety hazards and this group is trying to save as many houses as they can, working 18 hours a day and work through the nor east that are hit a week and a half ago, through the snow. some 500 volunteers, most of them veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, are focusing on the rockaways portion of queens today. the veterans are using their military training to help bring order to the chaos, removing debris, muck, sand and mold from flooded out homes. they are also offering emotional support. >> the hardest part was when he started moving out mementos from my mother, pictures, her wedding gown, christening outfit i made for my daughter, knickknacks, cards from my mom. she lives in my heart, but i have nothing to remember. nothing left. >> as for the veterans, being part of a group and offering a themselves up for service fills a void many of them feel when they return from war. one team leader, kyle murphy, broke several ribs while volunteering last week and is now taking on a coordina
real work, the good work on the ground in the new york city area helping victims of hurricane sandy get back on their feet. get your pens out and write down this information for yourself. starting with the dr. theodore atlas foundation, it's run by a good man, teddy atlas, whose father was a doctor on staten island for half a century. they're raising money for people facing dire straits. you can help this good man do good work by going to his website, this is all one word, in the belle harbor section of queens where so many of the city's first responders, cops and fire people and all those come from, the church of st. francis de sales has set up a relief center. same fran sills de sales parish. you can send a contribution to them at the church, saint francis de sales parish, 129-16 rockaway beach boulevard, belle harbor, new york, 11694. write on the check "relief effort." the devastation caused by sandy is real and i know you'll want to get involved. it's a very good thing to be doing. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of
backing out on barbara walters? we got the inside story. i'm kevin frazier, from new york city. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> "good morning america's" sit-down the same day barbara's "20/20" exclusive was set to air. >> if they said to me, she's not up to the questions, i wouldn't haven't felt as disappointed. >> why she chose to stick with abc. >> a limited short interview, it's much better than a longer interview which she clearly couldn't handle. >>> plus --
this is going to be our wake-up call and right now in new york city, the debate is over how much to increase fares in public transit and they -- the metrotransity authority wants to increase the price of riding a subway and the price of riding trains quite a bit, and so how does this make sense? we're supposedly having a wake-up call and we're making it harder for people to use public transit and that's because we don't have the resources that we need. >> you've been out on the devastation, why? >> i'm writing a book and the documentary to go with it and we were filming in the rockaways in staten island and in red hook, and also in the relief hubs where you just see a tremendous number of volunteers organized by occupy wall street. they call it occupy sandy. >> really? >> what i found is that the generosity is tremendous. i saw a friend last night and i asked her whether she'd been involved in the hurricane relief. they have my car, i hope they get it back. if you see it, tell me. people are tremendous. so one of the things that you find out in a disaster is you really do need a public secto
was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. dns-- jeff bezos is here, thc.e.o. of he founded the company in 1994 out of his garage as an on-line bookseller. today it is a 100 billion dollar empire and the world's largest e-commerce retailer. this week fortune named him as 2012 businessperson of the year. the magazine writes that he is the ultimate disrupter. bezos has upended the book industry and displaced electronic merchants. now amazon is pushing into everything from couture retailing and feet film productions to i pad wohy manufacturing. i'm pleased to have him back at this table. welcome and congratulation this very nice. >> thanks, charlry, it is great to be here. >> rose: tell me where amazon is and where it's going. >> well, you know, we've been at it for 18 years now. and the happiest thing i can tell su we're still having fun. so it is a big team of people working hard. we have an unusual business approach in some ways. we're not competitor-obsessed, we're customer obsessed. we star
. a peek out at new york city where it is clear, it's beautiful, with a bit of a chill in the air. nbc meteorologist dialin' dryer is here with more. good morning, dylan. >> thanks, alex, good morning. we are talking about a pretty nice day in the eastern third, and at least half of the country. we're actually looking at most of our wet weather out in the west coast. with a series of storms moving onshore. a little chilly through chicago and the northeast this morning. but most of the middle of the decree is actually going to see a nice warm-up temperatures today getting into the 60s and 70s through the plains states. 70s and 80s in florida. but still chilly up in to boston 46 degrees. it's all about the rain, though. it's moving onshore. heavy rain at that, through california. and actually a series of storms will bring days and days of rain with several inches of rain each day possible through the west coast. but look at the eastern half of the country, from the plains, all the way down into the southeast, up to the northeast, we are looking for a good deal of sunshine. but a closer l
. in addition to his work with veterans, he has worked with students in new york city and in iraq to teach them how to use dance to express their feelings. >>> in 45 days, america could fall over the figurative cliff, a $7 trillion cliff. money expert ben stein has ideas on how to avoid it. >> and what would you do if you saw this crash in front of your house. without a second thought, neighbors rushed to save a little girl and her mom who were trapped in the wreck. ♪ ♪ ♪ the wheels of progress. seems they haven't been moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. >>> an israeli air strikes blows up the cabinet building in gaza. it's part of a pounding gaza continues to get in the third day of bombing in the region. take a look at this video. it follows the track of one of its navy missiles as it hits what they say is a ha
many parts of the world already with so many opinions. whether you're going to new york city or whether you're traveling halfway across the globe, you will find usually hundreds if not thousands of reviews for everything you're looking at. what's the real incentive to do anything different than trust all those opinions? that's what your friends are telling you. >> yelp put a consumer warning pointing out some were fake. will you do something like that? >> we have about a dozen years learning how to capture all the folks that might manipulate the index. it doesn't happen as much as might one might take. we have the secret sauce, the algorithms that prevent those reviews from getting posted. once in a while we catch a hotel that's been warned but trying to influence the rankings. we put a big red badge on the site that says to the consumer you might want to think twice about believing all the reviews that are written here. of course that's meaningful. >> speaking of the secret sauce your background is computer science. you have a degree in computer science f
on standardized exams. they've tried this in new york city, in washington, d.c., in chicago. $50 for an a, $35 for a b. in dallas they've tried offering second graders $2 for each book they read. now, some people think this is a promising idea, other people aren't very happy about it. so let's have a discussion here and begin by taking a survey of opinion. if you were the superintendent of one of these school districts and you were approached with this proposal, how many think it's a good idea worth trying, and is how many would object in principle? be let's see, first, those of you who -- how many would object? how many would not like this idea? quite a few. and how many think it's worth trying? all right. we have a pretty good division of opinion. let's begin by those who object. who is willing to explain, to offer your reason? why do you think this would be objectionable in principle in -- principle? anyone? who will start us off? yes, stand up, and we'll get you a microphone. go ahead. >> i would -- >> over here. >> i would object because there's a basic value in learning, there's a basic
missiles flying to new york city and washington, d.c., i'm sure the u.s. would have acted long before we waited, maybe too long, but now we are determined, we are calling for the troops to get ready and we will tell to hamas leadership and to the people in egypt today, we cannot wait anymore. >> let me ask you about the troops, because as you mentioned, there is the possibility of this ground campaign. israel has approved the call-up of 75,000 reservists. do you see israeli troops going into gaza? and under what circumstances? what would make that happen? >> the prime minister said it very quickly. the goal of this operation is to bring pease and quiet to the region, to the southern part of israel. if the air strikes would not be efficient, even if hamas would not understand that we are talking business, we would not allow missiles to fly over israel on a daily basis. we do not want to do it, but on the other hand, we cannot wait until we see more missiles coming. >> once again, that was danny da danon. i also spoke with a member of the palestinian legislative council and asked him about
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 67 (some duplicates have been removed)